Orange Black Beeswax Tapers

Orange Black Beeswax Tapers

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100% black beeswax taper candles. Set of two. Pure beeswax cast from our handmade taper molds. We use a (safe to burn) eco-dye that is introduced to our beeswax during the melting stage to create this rich, amalgamation from orange to black. 
*swirl design is completely unique to each candle and no two candles are alike

Trim off wick knots and leave wick to 1/8 inch.

Affix to any non-flammable surface by slightly melting the bottom and using soft beeswax to hold in place


6 in. H, .75 in. diameter
Approx. 4-hour burn time
9 in. H, .75 in. diameter
Approx. 7-hour burn time